Directors – ah directors somehow for thousands of years theatre muddled along without these specialist creatures: The role falling to the writer or lead actor-manager. Then some where around the end of the 19th century the Russians (oh those Russians…) possibly with some French encouragement came up with the idea of someone who had to tell everyone else what to do. Someone with a Method, a Concept, a Direction. And thus a monstrous regiment of egos was born.

Actually no I don’t think directors are a bad idea, or methods or concepts. Some (no most) of the best theatre I have seen have come from very strong direction with very clear and visible concept. This might strange from someone who has worked for so long in the world of ‘new writing’. But as I have said elsewhere the best theatre is made where it is the writer’s and the director’s (yes and actors’, designers’, audiences…)

Some things I am working on at the moment are:

A new play, working title By Any Means by Marcia Layne

Revival and tour on Nine Lives by Zodwa Nyoni. You can watch the trailer here:

And I recently directed Conscientious by Adam Z Robinson, performed by Rachel Ashwanden and produced by Milan Govedarica.


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